Course offerings

Biomechanics of Alignment

A Tensegrity Approach

Based on the principles of connective tissue adaptability and tensegrity mechanics

  • Natural Alignment
  • Pelvic and Shoulder Girdle Asymmetry
  • Appendicular Counter-Rotations
  • Spinal Bio-Tensegrity Mechanics
  • Cranial Asymmetries

Core Integration

Including Visceral Manipulation in Structural Work

8-Day training includes work with:

  • Abdominal Organs
  • Urigenital Organs
  • Thoracic Organs
  • Structural Evaluations
  • Integrative Techniques

Advanced Biomechanics of Alignment


The information from these classes is now a part of the 8-Day Biomechanics class.

Advanced Core Integration

Three classes that can profoundly deepen your visceral work while making it a more efficient and effective fit within your structural sessions.

  • 3-Day - Review of Basic
  • 3-Day - Accessory Organs
  • 3-Day - Advanced Indirect


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Biomechanics of Alignment

8-Day Biomechanics Classes

Core Integration

8-Day Basic Visceral Class

3-Day Advanced Visceral Class


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Refund Policy

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Continuing Education Credits

All classes are approved for continuing education credit with the International Association of Structural Integrators,, and the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration,

Biomechanics classes and Core Integration classes are open to persons trained in Structural Integration to the standards set by the International Association of Structural Integrators. Core Integration classes are also open to other professional bodyworkers and health care practitioners with consent of the instructor.

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