Advanced Core Integration

Katonah, New York 
Combined Format

Basic Class April 6-9 & 12-15, 2016;
Advanced Class Accessory Organs:  April 18-20, 2016;
Advanced Integrative Pathways: April 22-24, 2016.

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There are three 3-Day seminars in the Advanced Visceral series. These classes approach working with the viscera from a even more integrative framework. In these classes you will learn to work with deeper inner organ strains as well as with more than one organ at a time, with entire systems and across visceral cavities. New assessment protocols and enhanced direct and indirect techniques will be taught which greatly facilitate more profound releases and more thorough structural integration.

If you are taking these classes for the first time, they should be taken in the sequence presented.   

Review of the Basic Class — 3-Day  This class will review the territories and techniques presented in the basic class. The interests and questions of the students will determine the class content. There is always additional information given about the basic work. This class is a prerequisite for the remaining Level Two classes. Repeating the Basic Visceral Class can substitute for this requirement. 3 days.

Accessory Organs — 3-Day  In this class you will learn both indirect and direct approaches to several of the accessory organs including the greater omentum, mesocolon, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen and greater omentum. We will also include more minute parts of the urogenital and respiratory systems and glandular tissue, in particular, the thyroid and adrenal glands. 3 days.

Advanced Indirect Techniques & Integrative Pathways — 3-Day
Several indirect techniques will be taught that can make your visceral work more efficient and profound. We will look at working with more than one organ at a time and releasing several different restrictions at once. There are connections within the visceral system that are important to the transmission of core function and support. This class will present several approaches for finding, opening and integrating these pathways. 3 days.


 This class is open to those who have completed Liz Gaggini’s introductory Core Integration class.  All dates are subject to change. Please check back often or Contact Us for current information.

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